Fraudulent claims much exaggerated   These se claims must be challenged and stopped. Under The Freedom of information Act those who make such vexatious claims can be found and Laws applied. They’re not as ‘anonymous’ as DWP claim,. These calls to the ‘ benefits hotline ‘ cause undue stress and make those already seriously I’ll suffer more so. … More Fraudulent claims much exaggerated

Hate crime part 2

┬áConsultant neurologist report which DWP have !   Disabilty hate crime. I’m now waiting for my daughter to return from her holiday to continue with my case against X and Y. Neighbours of mine. Police were reluctant to initially recognise he actions as a ‘ Hate Crime ‘. Fortunately my daughter is knowledgable in Law … More Hate crime part 2

Hate Crime

    Due to the allegations made to the DWP regarding my health ( see blogs entitled ‘ Compliance’ and Compliance interview’) My fragile illusion of freedom -and illusion it is as I’m completely bedbound and ┬áconfined to my home , has been destroyed. Emotionally I’m now a captive, aswell as being so physically.   … More Hate Crime