I’ve not blogged for a while, been too stressed, but here’s an email account of -yet another, Compliance demand, which was the result of yet, another malicious call.

My MP became involved and, it has to be said, as you’ll see, he was invaluable. Emails document his to me , my Carer replies to him on my behalf.. lies were told by the dwp.  Hope this helps other people who find themselves in a similar situation. I was becoming suicidal, so desperate . Such suffering is caused by DWP relentless pursuit of innocent parties. They even changed the boundaries when one attempt was foiled …!

Unsure if we’ve posted emails in correct order, but trust anyone reading this can make out the time line themselves.


I know that the vicious neighbours, won’t stop in their vendetta ( I don’t know them personally, but enough n file from H.A to guess who it is ) next time…they’ll be no further blogs from me. I’m being hounded to death, a physical and mentally a prisoner, in my home . CCTV surrounds me ( for my protection) but makes me feel even more oppressed and persecuted.

I worked all my life, until I became ill. Ironically, now I’m sixty years old, had the government not changed the pension age, I’d be safe from this kind of harassment and abuse.

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