Care Review

I’ve just had a follow up appointment with hospital doctor,

Complication from  emergency operation in Nov 14. A loop of bowel has twisted itself over the liver ( bowel sits below liver usually I was told 🤔) the dr said it may have happened when they stuffed my bowel back ( my words not hers 😂) in after the surgery. It’s creating a intermittent herniation , they’re unsure what to do. It may FURTHER increase the likelihood of another volvulus ( which are likely after you’ve had one already anyway ) 🙄 but Drs will discuss. 😳 pros and cons of further surgery etc etc …opposed to risk of another emergency one, I suppose ! Hey ho! Xx

Oh, and there’s a couple of ‘breaks ‘ in the muscle that they had to cut through to operate last time, near to where the herniation is taking place 🙄


Now on Friday, I’ve a yearly review of my care needs ( read as ‘ try to reduce it 🙄)  As I’m bedridden, my care package is large, but still cheaper than if I were to go into a residential home ( I’m far too young to do so anyway ) . I know the funding is stretched -thanks to the Government cuts to everything relating to a caring society, but each year they’ve cut my care hours further, so much so my carers have, at times, worked O/T for nothing. ( I receive Direct Payments ) By law they have to check , but I’ve been I receipt of DP since its introduction, one of the first to have this.  I’m not going to get any better. Now, with this latest news , I just cannot have it cut further. I need the hours that I have, I can’t have them reduce any more. It’ll leave me at risk. I’ve used a solicitor before ( specialist in Community Care ) but it’s an exhausting process. Having to fight, even with a Solicitor as an advocate.  I dread Friday, having to try to fight my corner, I’ve letters from my consultant, stating I’m not going to recover.      Social Services could easily just ring me, ask if any changes, ” no” that’d fulfil their legal requirements, also not put me through the stress of a review.  But no, they come out, with a remit to ‘reduce ‘ or off load me onto NHS, which then means they argue about who’ll pay for me! Horrible feeling, I worked for many years, I’m not a ‘scrounger ‘ ( awful to label anyone as such ) I need Care, not a situation I’d imagined myself to ever be in , but one never knows what’s behind the corner, ( moral alert don’t judge, as next week this could be you 😒) I’m readying myself to have to ‘justify myself ‘ as that’s what it feels like, on Friday.  Think I’ll have to commence the meeting with “nothing has changed and I cannot have any further cuts or reduction to my hours of care…” 👀



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