Eu Referendum



Ok, I’m annoyed now, I voted to Leave the EU. I’m heartly sick and tired of being called ‘racist ‘ ‘stupid ‘ and numerous other derogatory terms. I’m neither, or none of these.

Did I call those who voted a Tory Government in, who persistently target and disenfranchise those, like me, who are in receipt of benefits due ill health names! ..No is the answer.  Did I call them selfish, culturally prejudiced against the poorest in society,  did I call them Stupid, racist or bigoted ,oppressive for voting thusly? No, but do you know what, I could easily have done so. The Tory government they voted in have persistently targeted and bullied, yes, bullied ,  and invalidated those like me.

Amongst those who voted Tory will there not have been those who are racist, stupid ( wealth doesn’t guarantee intellect ) prejudiced?  There will have been.

Will not there have been those who are uneducated that voted for this wretched government, yes, there will have been.

A vote was given. People voted for various reasons. Yes, there will have been some who voted ‘Leave ‘ who are racist, there will have been those who are ‘stupid ‘ who voted ( but who are we to call anyone stupid ) but, come on, look to yourselves and to the bigger picture. Stop the name calling now. It’s not helpful. It’s not a playground, it’s real life, with real people.

3 thoughts on “Eu Referendum

  1. And perhaps this delaying to sign the clause 20 or whichever number to start the ball rolling, ignorant Bustards are too afraid to sort themselves out and we will once be at the mercy of the EU.

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  2. I’ve been getting all the obtuse remarks as well, what makes people think I don’t understand because I voted to leave? Usually people who have never bothered to find out what has been going on in the EU parliament. I would like to think if nothing else, it’s a lesson learned – listen to the people, they are the ones with the power when it comes to who runs the country.


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