Beneath the smiles and laughter


The World is quite a lonely place
When it’s confined to just one room.
No popping to the shops –
Meeting for a coffee-then say
“ I’ll see you soon”
Facebook is like a ‘bus’ a ‘walk’
a ‘bike ride’ or ‘car’
In that it opens doors and windows
Allowing one to travel, freely, far.
It releases the physical body,
Out of it’s darkness and constraints.
Four walls are my real world
Internet allows me to freely roam
What others take for granted…
‘Go out’ then return home.
My body won’t allow this
My world is small you see-
Close this door -into the world
You’ve shut the door on me.
Beneath the smiles and laughter
There’s a person others rarely see.
Facebook is how I ‘visit’ friends
To stop and say “ Hello”.
Those that go out, physically -really cannot know!
The lid closes down on my computer…
Is the door shut outside to my world,
No bus rides ,train rides
To go outside for me.
Enter into my world carefully
You may not like what you see!
Be careful what you wish on others
Illness, old age shows no respect
This could easily yet be thee.

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