Help . Extend a hand to others in society.


Whilst society sneers and looks down upon those in receipt of National insurance claims, do they realise actually how hard it is to get a claim accepted. Then there’s the continuing assssments and checks which are done, not only by DWP.,but, if like me, you’re in need of help from Social Services for Care, the yearly checks which take place.

I’m due to be ‘ reviewed ‘ again tomorrow, which, although I’m totally bedbound means I have to prove my need. The care manager remit ย is to reduce my care package. Compromising my health in many ways, even possibly endangering it, by the government continued quest to reduce social care. This is totally against the Community Care Act, but the government doesn’t seem to care about the Laws of the land. Cutting councils budgets to fund home ( and residential ) care along with all other aspects of health related assistance. Without my care I’d lie in bed, soiled with faeces, hardly dignified or pleasant for anyone.

What at has happened to Compassion? Why has Society again fallen into this Victorian culture. I need full time day and night care, but it’s reduced each time they come, now I have only six hours of day care, which means, yes, I lie in soiled bed at times. They dare not ( thus far anyway ๐Ÿ˜’) reduce my night care, as I have nocturnal seizures, I could die without such waking night carer.

The annoying thing is David Cameron, the current Prime Mimster, had a son, Ivan, who had disabilities, yet others ( without access to money ) are being left, vulnerable and uncared for, or facing yearly battles to hang on to what they’ve, in many cases, worked and paid for by National Insurance contributions. Wish me luck for tomorrow. Never the same worker who comes out, no continuity of Care, they’re not qualified social workers and they argue about who’s going to pay for me, ie NHS or Social Services. Whilst I worry and wait….


Thank goodness for having been a social worker! Knowing the jargon really helps ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

Phone call, from the assessor ( not a trained social worker ) she was going to be delayed. She’d got some poor old woman stuck in the bath. I can imagine it’d been something along the lines of old woman saying ‘ can’t ‘ They saying well ‘ let’s just try shall we ‘…trying to save money ๐Ÿ˜’ result old women ( who obviously really could not ) stuck in bath !!

Therefore assessor was going to have to cancel my appointment, make me wait two weeks, or more to reschedule. I said ” whilst I heard what she was saying not my problem, full sympathies to elderly client, but it’s stressful for me, delays cause more stress…..” End result, she’s happy to ‘ put it through as no change’ and see me next year ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป result. Thank you social work training for da lingo…and poor ole woman stuck in bath !!

This is the lengths ย Council go to, to cut costs. ย due to government legislation , proves they’ll do anything to cut costs . Even get older people stuck in a bath. .๐Ÿ‘€ #disgustng.

12 thoughts on “Help . Extend a hand to others in society.

  1. Wish the idiots in the US that think socialized medicine is a great idea would all read your post. But then again no FACTS ever seem to have any affect on Lefties. They just rant and rave, not having a clue as to what they’re talkin’ about.


  2. I hope it goes ok but know in my heart of hearts they will attempt to cut your care package.

    They are trying to do the same to my sister (yet again) less than 4 weeks after she has given birth to her second child. When she started to protest they made a veiled threat of if she wasn’t managing they would take her kids into care. She now has her MP involved amongst others. I don’t know how social workers can do their jobs when they know that they are causing harm to their “clients” rather than helping them.

    It makes me weep with frustration that those who need care aren’t getting it.

    Good luck


    1. Unfortunately it’s not social workers ( for me anyway) who now come out to review package of care. It’s care workers, employed specifically to assess care…once set up. I was previously a social worker, horrified at how they now try to, even more, reduce care for people, very much resource lead..not needs, as The Community Care Act, demands. Yes, remit is to ‘ cut funding’ due to government cuts to social care, at County levels. This government doesn’t care. What people don’t understand is that social workers are governed by Laws…which they have to work under. Whilst trying to help people. Impossible task in today’s uncaring society, driven by Tory party cuts.

      Good luck to your sister ๐Ÿ˜•

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  3. Hello Cinnamon…I’m not sure WHERE my comment belongs, but I’m reading the online telegraph this morning re; chronic fatigue/me comments and thought of you when someone mentioned Vit B12 deficiency. This is a long shot I know but suppose having a missing vit could make a huge negative impact on your brain health, especially regards neurological diseases. The article isn’t interesting but the comments are always worth reading. Not sure now (memory dodgy) whether you’re dogged with cf but I know you suffer from a neuro illness so you might get something out of reading the comments. I spend my life reading online news/articles/research surrounding cf/brain injuries, etc, trying to elucidate facts. I’m sure you do too, so you might find this interesting. Anyway, sorry if this belongs somewhere else.


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