Hate crime part 2

image Consultant neurologist report which DWP have !


Disabilty hate crime. I’m now waiting for my daughter to return from her holiday to continue with my case against X and Y. Neighbours of mine. Police were reluctant to initially recognise he actions as a ‘ Hate Crime ‘. Fortunately my daughter is knowledgable in Law ( studying it ) as was able to quote relevant parts of Law applicable. A crime number was then issued, although no visit from ‘Hate crime officer’ ­čśĽ My daughter has passed crime number onto barrister to add to cease and desist order. It should have been taken to high court to be ‘ heard’ or whatever happens to it, upon my daughter return from her holiday.

In the meantime? I still cower behind covered windows, fearing further vexatious claims and lies being spread about me around the village. I’m an emotional captive in my own home, due to the lies spread about me. It’s made me more unwell. Affected all aspects of my health. Really taken it’s toll, which is no doubt what the malicious intent was.

More people must report such incidences .


4 thoughts on “Hate crime part 2

  1. It is just awful that the police will not take such crimes seriously. There was a programme on BBC3 about Disability hate crime and how the public don’t understand what it is and how the police and CPS are not enforcing the law (investigating and charging people with it).
    I am so sorry that due to a few ignorant individuals who clearly have nothing else productive to occupy themselves with have decided to make your life a misery. One of my neighbours decided to tell people that I am mentally ill. This man is an alcoholic who has assaulted me previously and never speaks to me. Yet he feels qualified to discuss what is wrong with me. It is unfortunate he is just so way off base!
    I hope your high court action results in your neighbours stopping the hideous way they are treating you.
    Rach xx

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    Another year, and repeat of this. Malicious call made, I was under investigation by the DWP again . MP intervention helped, he took it to #DamienGreen . After being driven to the brink of competing sucude case was -again, dropped. Time DWP had records of those who have been and are, constantly, the victims of such vexatious calls and claims. Even though innocent, it causes untold misery and anxiety.


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