4 thoughts on “Wish people could band together 😒

  1. The ants need a charismatic leader, but one who is a genuine socialist.Blair appeared to be ‘the one’, but revealed himself to be the devil incarnate once he had power. Jeremy Corbyn appears to be the real deal; here’s hoping he has what it takes to rally the masses.

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  2. Hi Cinn, sorry this question doesn’t come under this topic, but since my Compliance interview last month, I have had a call out of the blue relating to ESA and my health asking has it improved?? “No” it has not. Still subject to unpredictable roller coaster symptoms associated with brain injury. Today through the post, I received an invite to participate (voluntarily) in a survey regarding the success of ESA WRAG. According to them, my name was randomly picked. O’h yea…you coulda fooled me and I certainly don’t need any of this cr@p! Just wondered if you had one thing trigger another?

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