Hate Crime




Due to the allegations made to the DWP regarding my health ( see blogs entitled ‘ Compliance’ and Compliance interview’) My fragile illusion of freedom -and illusion it is as I’m completely bedbound and  confined to my home , has been destroyed. Emotionally I’m now a captive, aswell as being so physically.


The feeling that some one is watching whoever comes and goes is oppressive. I fear the next phone call, the next envelope marked DWP. The Police have not yet actioned anything, my resolve to confront the dreadful person/person(s)  is waning. I’m so stressed and distressed.


Hate Crime -and Disability Hate Crime has increased by 5% ( There are many sources to support this ) Yet, so very few convictions. Someone suggested that the DWP should prosecute anyone making  vexatious claims, anonymously using their ‘Benefit fraud lotline’ But it’d be totally against their interests to do so. It’d stop people making claims against those in receipt   of National Insurance claims ( They are not ‘ benefits’ They are Insurance claims!! ) This would be against them  promoting the benefit myth!! That so many are fraudulently claiming and need society help to stop them! I make no apology  for repeating the number of  claims- using government own Statistics are 0.07%.


Until I can get help, somehow, I’m feeling sad, lonely, isolated and a prisoner in my own home -more so now than any physical condition could have made me feel, whilst the scum that made such a hideous allegation against me is free, both physically and mentally. My life has closed in. Maybe more than I can bear.

Ironically had I been found guilty of such a crime, I’d have ended up in prison , even though I’m , totally Innocent the result is I’m now imprisoned in my own home.moresothan I’ve ever been. All due to someone who maliciously lied about me. What have they achieved through this? Knowing my life here in the village where I grew up and have lived all my life is even less meaningful and miserable than it’s ever been?!!


10 thoughts on “Hate Crime

  1. It’s a sad fact that people ‘Hate’ simply because they can, Twitter is a prime example. These haters are poisonous. I really do not know what to say to you Fran, I’d love to wave a magic wand and make it better. I’m praying that you’ll get over this. Liz xxx

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  2. I find it appalling and disgusting that someone can stoop so low as to lie about you with the intention of making your life as difficult as possible. It’s the mental anguish and fear that chips away at you under these circumstances. I am glad that your compliance visitor was obviously a decent human being. I hope that whoever did this is caught and faces court and will be named and shamed. I do hope you can recover from this distressing ordeal and that we will see a society that doesn’t demonise those who need the insurance they paid into. Sending you a small *hug* of comfort.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. Hate crime police involved. Was very ill for several days, requained some equibrillum now. I will pursue this person. We who are most vulnerable must defend ourselves against this government pogrom against us. The dwp official doing her Job. The acumen who made such an horrendous allegation only able to do so thanks to ‘ encouragment’ from the government. 😖 x

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      1. The tactics that IDS & Cameron are employing are so similar to those of the Nazi party back in 1933. It’s frightening and people don’t see this or don’t want to know.

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    1. They are indeed, we are being persecuted just for being weak, vulnerable ,living in poverty…. Similar targets to Hitler’s pogrom. 😖 Yet IDS supposed to be a practising Roman Catholic, think he needs more practice. Confessional must take ages 😏 except of course, he doesn’t seem to believe he’s doing wrong .


  3. How can anyone be so cruel ! It renders me speechless the depth some people would stoop ! But I know you will find the strength to Come through ! And knowing people care can be the start of your journey ! Love to you Fran xxxxxx and dig deep !!!!

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    1. Thank you. Awaiting Hate crime police officers to contact me now. Very draining, taking toll on my health, but will fight this. What the government is encouraging people to do- with no penalties for malicious reporting, is wrong. It must be stopped. I’ll try my hardest to send out a message to all those who choose to do such a thing, that its punishable if found to be vexatious. I’ll then even waive my anonymity and much valued privacy. ..X


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