Re blogging this. As the DWP lied to my MP. The results of this visit can be read in blog ‘Compliance Visit’

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Compliance Compliance

Ok! I have a ‘ Compliance ‘ visit tomorrow. Those who do not know, this is an organised visit from a government official ( DWP) to check that my terminal illness -which they’ve had well documented reports From my consultant neurologist about, hasn’t miraculously got better. This would then permit them to transfer me from non work related ESA to WRAG group. Something which this government is intent on promoting. ( remember only 0.07% of benefit fraud actually occurs ) Maybe I could be employed, in my bed, as a draft excluder! I was initially summoned to attend for interview at the local job centre, this when I wasn’t even able to go to my daughter ( my only child ) wedding! I’m totally bed bound, but apparently the ‘ computer ‘ didn’t know this. Thanks to my MP ( yes a Tory, having to clear up the mess…

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