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I had a visit from a ‘ Compliance officer’ someone had made an allegation against me, that I’m able bodied, that I’m up and about, doing my own housework, walking my dog. Those who have firstly, read my previous blog know this is far from the truth, in fact impossible.

I have friends who voted Tory, for which I do not judge them ( it’s part of the ‘ human condition ‘ to do so ) but those who know me in real life please put aside your images of what people who are in receipt of National insurance claims are like. I’m the true face of ‘ benefits street ‘. Not those you see on Television or read about in the press. I and many others like me. We’re the True face. I would ask you to look at what the government that you voted for is doing to those like me. Lives are being lost, it was very close to me becoming one of those. Fortunately I had 1) Sufficient medical evidence to disprove the malicious report 2) My very appearance was testimony to the fact I that I’m seriously ill. The police have accepted this as a hate crime. The DWP have instantly dropped the case as being ‘ no case’. The person who made such a horrendous allegation will be receiving a cease and desist order. My daughter ( currently studying Law) has a influential contact within prestigious Law chambers in London. The Barrister she contacted on my behalf will sign the cease and desist order.

This was s Hate Crime. I value my privacy, but I’m prepared to take this to the press and become a ‘ true face of ‘ real ‘ benefits street. Send out a strong message to those who contact the Government much loved ‘ fraud’ hotline, that if they do so maliciously then the Law will be used against them.

I’m now feeling worse, my condition worsened by the stress and trauma of such a dreadful act, from a person who doesn’t even know me. Yes, reports to the the Fraud line are ‘Anonymous ‘ but as it’s a Crime, the police can find out who you are. You may find yourself homeless, not permitted to live in close vicinity to me.

I’m so very tired. My life which I try to make the best of, has been, yet again, made harder, that little less ‘ worth living ‘, all due to the Tory Government encouraging and perpetuating the ‘ Benefit myth’. The visiting Complaince officer even acknowledged that most reports are without foundation, she agreed with the statistics that benefit fraud is only 0.07%.

I must rest now. I’ve got to try to save what little energy I have left to fight- with the help of my daughter, I will. I was a Social Worker before I became unwell, such injustice goes against my Value system. I’ll fight. Highlight this, not only for myself but for all of those in the same position as me. Prejudice and hatred, negative perception ( again the brain is hard wired to believe this more easily than the positive, which I’m sure the Government are aware of and cleverly use to manipulate societal perceptions) cannot be tolerated and MUST be confronted.

I’m usually upbeat and see the positive side. There is no positive in this. I’m usually tolerannt to those in society, but I want a ‘ head’ this time, to those who’d seek to harm me, threaten my very life. It’s morally wrong.




Case of harassment accepted by a Barrister, I’m very fortunate that I’ve a daughter who’s studying Law, who has contacts. The London barrister is taking my case on pro Bono. πŸ‘Œ He’s accessed dwp records to obtain the information of who made the vexatious claim. I’m waiting now for the forms to be sent to me to sign. My daughter handling it, in the Main. But it can be done, also…at certain times of the Year, all barristers take on pro Bono cases. I’ll try to find out when and share the info. Moving more slowly as it’s ‘ free’ so certain time is allocated.


Thank you for shares and commenrs..


A year on and yes, same Β πŸ˜” Solicitor wasn’t able to get anywhere Β ( Laws which protect other victims of false accusations and bullying ) don’t apply to those in receipt of ‘ so called ‘ Benefits. So another letter, another compliance interview. So stressed.

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  1. Well said Nobby, I agree entirely. So sad that it has made you feel ill.. Hope things are better now at least you wont have to put up with that again…

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  2. Get that strength up again show em what your made of proud of ya its just out of control they dont know what to next to make our life hell. We all got to fight and get there at the end fancy having people watching your every move. I wonder some times when im looking out my window who the person in the car on my front wondering who the hell it is. Thats what they do the DWP its pathetic any excuse to stop paying you the money you have paid in with your NI that was taken out your wages each week. It is a disgrace full.

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    1. Thank you. Yes, got to get the message out that you make a vexatious claim using ‘ benefits ‘ hotline. You risk being taken to court for ‘Hate crimes’. If this government are so fond of making people live in such an Orwellian society, then be can use their own speak and Laws against them. Still feeling very weak and drained. YES, it’s awful feeling people are watching who comes in. ..Again my thanks for you taking the time to post. Wish you well.xx

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  3. Hi. The same thing happened to me 6 years ago. I had a visit from DWP officer about allegations made about me. Like you I had medical evidence to prove I am disabled, and the officer saw how ill I was, and saw all the medication I take. No further action was taken, but since that day I feel like I am constantly being watched & this has had a terrible impact on my life. I am frightened to go out, I feel like I have to look over my shoulder all the time to see if someone is following me. I am so tired of it all. I am having to appeal the PIP, as they have decided to take my mobility car from me. So as of Monday I will be housebound. Don’t they realise they are dealing with real people’s lives!

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    1. Yes, I feel totally mentally trapped now, as well as physically. Oppression at it’s most severe and unjust. I’m so sorry you’ve had this experience too. The current government, supported by media with television programmes such as Saints and Scroungers,perpetuates the myth. Encourages malicious people to make reports with no penalty for doing so. This is why I want to try to ensure true justice is done. That the message is sent out that it’s not an ‘ unpunishable ‘ offence. Even though I’m feeling so unwell. Thank you for sharing your experience. Wish you well .


    2. They do realise they’re dealing with people lives, but Compassion in this Country is being lost. Iain Duncan Smith and the Tory government are persecuting those most vulnerable in society. Their own Pogrom against the sick, vulnerable and most in need. Sad times. So sorry youve lost your car 😞 xx


    3. It’s like being watched by the thought police. It reaches into your very soul, After the fight we all go through just to get the meager and diminishing benefits, bad enough. With the DWP we are already made to feel like worthless frauds. Then,…..then…..someone who looks us in the eye…. daily?…. .sometimes?….. who?…… are they behind me now?…….Do I look as bad as I feel? Watching the Assange and the UN report on his detention – that being more than a place, or a choice – it strikes at the heart of the Anonymous fraud allegation. It forces you into self-imposed detention, and the mental imprisonment of fear, on top of the isolating physical pain of illness. The allegation is meant to hurt, using agents of the state and the police to enforce their power over you. I’m so glad Cinnamon’s got legal advice and a charge of Hate Crime to bring. This must be happening day in & out, up & down the country. It must be part of the fear and suffering that makes so many give up altogether. We must hope the UN report into the violation of Human Rights of the disabled leads the way in making the govt take responsibility for this.


      1. Yes, Florence, it is. I’m afraid to allow my carers do anything lest person (s) report it again as it being me, ie doing my housework, walking my dog ( how I’d love to πŸ˜”) it hurts in so many different ways, as I was unable to even attend my daughter wedding ( nearly five years ago now ) as bedbound. I couldn’t say “goodbye ” to a much loved dog, who had to be put to sleep ( I unable to get to him …he was living with my Mother at this point ) 16 years old, I’d had him from a puppy, memories of my ‘healthy Self ‘ died with him. I’d been able to walk miles with him, but by the time he was about 6 years old I’d began to show symptoms. I’ve a little dog now ( many years on ) that my carers walk for me. But speculation existed even before with my previous dog …of ‘ me being seen walking him’ πŸ˜’ It was a carer wearing my old walking coat. However in those days ( not that long ago though ) no report fraud hotline …so yes, the allegation of these people hurt. They don’t know me. They’ve never met me. It’s disability hate crime, no doubt based on the belief of such programmes as ch 5 benefit street. I’m housebound and bedbound, so a prisoner already, but was managing to not feel it. However now I do. Every twitch of a curtain, every movement made, I feel I should record as being when carer was here, to prove my innocence. What a Country we live in now. So many vulnerable people targeted for being sick, disabled..and in receipt of a National insurance claim ( not Benefits! ) I worked and paid into a social security system.

        Thank you Florence.

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  4. Reblogged this on Mentally Wealthy and commented:
    Aside from the distress caused to people facing these investigation over anonymous and malicious ‘tip offs’, does anyone ever question how much it’s costing in wasted resources to follow up the calls?
    The right to remain anonymous should replace complete anonymity and mean if you someone’s alkegation is found to be untrue they can and should be prosecuted.

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    1. Thank you. The government won’t prosecute anyone found guilty of vexatious claims, it’d put people off of using their much loved ‘ hotline ‘. So it’s left to already unwell and vulnerable people to try to find the strength to do so. Which I intend to, even if by doing so I become a statistics , which Iain Duncan Smith, (refuses to release) as having died due to this government persecution of us.


  5. People would have voted for Labour but ‘New Labour’ are Tories in disguise. Labour didn’t capture the anti-Tory mood because it had accommodated so much to the Tory arguments around austerity. The problem was that the Labour Party couldn’t ideologically or politically differentiate itself enough from the Conservatives on the fundamental question of the economy.

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  6. “My life which I try to make the best of, has been, yet again, made harder”

    I’m with you on that! It takes all my energy, pacing and as much positivity to give me a vital ounce of energy…to keep going. Please don’t ever let anyone undermine your worth!! I don’t watch crappy tv, because most of it is DUMB, re; Benefit’s Street. I wish they would focus on the hidden disabilities and “educating” people on truths. All these curtain twitchers should get a life, as they clearly haven’t got one!!

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  7. I think I will take your advice, thank you. I hate the Job Centre…its a breeding ground for mental illness and negativity of spirit. I absorb everyone’s anxiety and depression!! I don’t especially care what they say about my lateness in cancelling. I need to be on home turf!!

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  8. MH different rules apply. You need to be home. Your health won’t permit travel. Good luck let me know outcome. Get your CAB to plead on your behalf for home visit ( it’s a right btw ) if you feel unable to. Xx


  9. Hello…I’ve just remembered I said I would return to say how my interview went. I survived intact just about, with the support of my sister who came along to make notes. I’m so relieved she did!! It wasn’t pleasant and I found the ordeal completely farcical. It made me Ill, and it has taken some while to recover my energy and appetite.

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  10. It happened to me …I am a full-time carer for my daughter who has a rare disease not nice being accused of something that is not true….I have been cleared of the accusations but the mentality part is not healthy.I asked them to name the person but they wouldn’t…rough idea but not facts but I see people who blatantly screw the system . well done for I tell or not

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    1. No, they won’t name ‘ anonymous ‘ call on their system, but my barrister has acquired the information using data law. They’ll be in for a shock. Compliance officer said it’s usually false report they deal with, but have to follow up. She agreed with government own stats that only 0.07% of claims are fraudulent. Yet they set up the ‘ dob in a claimant ‘ phone hotline ‘ πŸ˜’

      Do you tell, Michael? Remember some illnesses are ‘ invisible’. Dwp wish to perpetuate the myth of Scrounger mentality. Regardless of suffering caused.

      Just know it can be challenged, the information they’ve got CAN be accessed. Then individuals can be prosecuted, either within the dwp or the person(s) once found out of harassment or Hate Crimes.


  11. Poverty is not caused by men and women getting married; it’s not caused by machinery; it’s not caused by “over-production”; it’s not caused by drink or laziness; and it’s not caused by “over-population”. It’s caused by Private Monopoly. That is the present system. They have monopolized everything that it is possible to monopolize; they have got the whole earth, the minerals in the earth and the streams that water the earth. The only reason they have not monopolized the daylight and the air is that it is not possible to do it. If it were possible to construct huge gasometers and to draw together and compress within them the whole of the atmosphere, it would have been done long ago, and we should have been compelled to work for them in order to get money to buy air to breathe. And if that seemingly impossible thing were accomplished tomorrow, you would see thousands of people dying for want of air – or of the money to buy it – even as now thousands are dying for want of the other necessities of life. You would see people going about gasping for breath, and telling each other that the likes of them could not expect to have air to breathe unless the had the money to pay for it. Most of you here, for instance, would think and say so. Even as you think at present that it’s right for so few people to own the Earth, the Minerals and the Water, which are all just as necessary as is the air. In exactly the same spirit as you now say: “It’s Their Land,” “It’s Their Water,” “It’s Their Coal,” “It’s Their Iron,” so you would say “It’s Their Air,” “These are their gasometers, and what right have the likes of us to expect them to allow us to breathe for nothing?” And even while he is doing this the air monopolist will be preaching sermons on the Brotherhood of Man; he will be dispensing advice on “Christian Duty” in the Sunday magazines; he will give utterance to numerous more or less moral maxims for the guidance of the young. And meantime, all around, people will be dying for want of some of the air that he will have bottled up in his gasometers. And when you are all dragging out a miserable existence, gasping for breath or dying for want of air, if one of your number suggests smashing a hole in the side of one of th gasometers, you will all fall upon him in the name of law and order, and after doing your best to tear him limb from limb, you’ll drag him, covered with blood, in triumph to the nearest Police Station and deliver him up to “justice” in the hope of being given a few half-pounds of air for your trouble.


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