Ok! I have a ‘ Compliance ‘ visit tomorrow. Those who do not know, this is an organised visit from a government official ( DWP) to check that my terminal illness -which they’ve had well documented reports From my consultant neurologist about, hasn’t miraculously got better. This would then permit them to transfer me from non work related ESA to WRAG group. Something which this government is intent on promoting. ( remember only 0.07% of benefit fraud actually occurs ) Maybe I could be employed, in my bed, as a draft excluder! I was initially summoned to attend for interview at the local job centre, this when I wasn’t even able to go to my daughter ( my only child ) wedding! I’m totally bed bound, but apparently the ‘ computer ‘ didn’t know this. Thanks to my MP ( yes a Tory, having to clear up the mess his government makes ) and my daughter, this ‘ visit ‘ got transferred to a home assessment. I suppose the DWP officials have to validate themselves somehow!

Do they realise, they certainly don’t care, how this makes me ( and no doubt many like me ) feel? Long term neurological illness . I’m not going to get better.

In my head the term Compliance ‘ is said in a robotic Orwellian tone. A word which the dictionary definition is: As the act of conforming, To yield under others especially in a subservient way, conformity, obedience. What am I supposed to be conforming to? Their idea of what a person with long term illness and disability should behave like? What an invalid ( in valid ) person should be!

I should be subservient should I, to those who’d judge me, when actually I’m probably far more qualified and educated than they. I have a double hons degree, used to work until I became ill and had to claim for my National insurance contributions to be paid to me. My body is pretty useless , but my mind and wit remains. Also my sense of humour, but subservient, it’s humiliating and demeaning to have to be categorised in this way. My dreams of my future didn’t materialise. That corner which people refer to never knowing what’s behind, well…this was it for me. So be careful faceless government official. Laying helpless in bed could be around your corner. I hope you’re prepared as I certainly wasn’t

12 thoughts on “Compliance

  1. I feel for you, being trapped and forced into submission – outwardly at least. But inside your head your thoughts are your own and I admire the fortitude and dignity with which you bear the arrogance and ignorance of fools. Believe in Karma, it is a great comfort at times. I am now following your journey.
    Cynthia (ceegeebee)

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  2. I haven’t written my blog for years. Now I’m retired and a grandma my life is quite boring so I’ve nothing much to say of interest. (I like boring, though, it’s better than the drama of some previous years.

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  3. They have to tick their boxes, assess you on their sliding scales, tick more boxes, fill in their forms in triplicate, tick more boxes. Stamp their forms, and file you and the form away. In triplicate. Stay Strong.

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  4. I’m sat in disbelief at what’s happened here. You have a neurological illness and I’m all too aware what that entails, although not sure what part of your brain has been affected. I had a brain haemorrhage years back and that inflicts chronic fatigue, headaches, dizziness and a multitude of cognitive dysfunctions. “I look well from afar but I’m far from well”, as the saying goes! The only reason I’m up out of my bed most days is I have a dog to walk…thank goodness.

    I’m due to attend a notification of compliance interview next week which is making me extremely nervous and my symptoms worse. I really want to cancel but I need to go as I want to get to the “bare facts” of my case.

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  5. It won’t surprise me to learn someone has reported me as we have a couple of sad ol’ snoops where I live too. I don’t give them the time of day as they annoy the hell outta me!!! lol. Same ol, same ol, narrow minds, with nothing between the ears. I would rather not read the “Hate Blog” just yet as I need to collect my thoughts and calm my mind before d day. My sister will attend with me.

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