New government return to Victorian values

This is what the Tory Government is reducing the poor, disabled and vulnerable too. Complete with punishment just for being poor, in recipe of ‘ benefits ‘ which, by the way used to be called ‘a national insurance claim’ That’s what it is.

Many, myself included actually used to work, we were valid members of the community, now made to feel ‘ in valid ‘ by our disease ridden bodies. Should we be punished in today’s 21st century Britain? To demonise the poor even more, to make us feel even worse. Iain Duncan Smith pogrom against us is wrong. Benefit fraud accounts for 0.07% of fraud, yet he’s been found guilty of misusing credit card, that belongs to we, the people. This is surely nothing short of corporate fraud. Has he been punished, has he had to feel he’s constantly looking over his shoulder. No. He escaped with just ‘ our credit card ‘ being taken away.

We’ll soon be moving to a society where only ‘perfect ‘ humans are permitted life. Has anyone seen Gattaca the film? Yet David Cameron had a disabled son. DWP write asking people , who have been diagnosed terminally ill, when they’re going to die! Did our Prime Minister know when his ‘ defective ‘ son would die?

This is about a war on class.

3 thoughts on “New government return to Victorian values

  1. It is disgusting and horrific that people are being treated as common criminals. The statistics are clear, tiny, tiny amount of fraud investigated ACTUALLY IS FRAUD. Yet, they belittle and besmirch all who dare to ask for, essentially what they are entitled to. Draconian and vile.

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