Hate Crime

    Due to the allegations made to the DWP regarding my health ( see blogs entitled ‘ Compliance’ and Compliance interview’) My fragile illusion of freedom -and illusion it is as I’m completely bedbound and  confined to my home , has been destroyed. Emotionally I’m now a captive, aswell as being so physically.   … More Hate Crime


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Compliance Ok! I have a ‘ Compliance ‘ visit tomorrow. Those who do not know, this is an organised visit from a government official ( DWP) to check that my terminal illness -which they’ve had well documented reports From my consultant neurologist about, hasn’t miraculously got better. This would…

Boris Johnson (london mayor) swore at taxi driver over Uber controversy

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The wheels on his bike went round and round, Boris’ language last night was colourful and profound The London cabbies are quite rightly upset As Tories allow Uber to be a big threat Uber drivers dont pay tax Undercutting London cabbies to the max Four year knowledge becomes a pointless task…

Compliance interview

I had a visit from a ‘ Compliance officer’ someone had made an allegation against me, that I’m able bodied, that I’m up and about, doing my own housework, walking my dog. Those who have firstly, read my previous blog know this is far from the truth, in fact impossible. I have friends who voted … More Compliance interview